The GSA Advisory Panel has developed a new exciting program that involves gymnastics skills training and personal development sessions.  Athletes will train together in addition to their usual local club training and competition sessions.

Induction was held on the July 3rd with presentations held for :

  • Nutrition
  • Psychology (Time Management / Goal Setting)
  • Strength & Conditioning ( Injury Prevention / Management)

Gymnasts will have specialist coaching sessions with Strength and Conditioning at the start of the following sessions:

  • Sunday 4th September – Maffra
  • Sunday 18th September – Bairnsdale
  • Sunday 20th November – Traralgon
  • Sunday 27th November – Morwell

The program focuses on creating opportunities for athletes to improve their skills to be the best they can be.

 Expectations of Athletes

Athletes are expected to attend all Academy activities, where possible, this involves committing to:

  • Attend all training sessions
  • Follow the strength and conditioning program, including completing components at home.
  • Attend other Academy functions such as Induction, any athlete development day & Awards evening.


Jessica Franks

Shirin Hopley

Emily Seager

Tiana Hutchinson

Tanaiya Lim

Tynisha Lim

Kyren Allison

Simone Clamp

Tom Finlay

Katelyn Henderson

Ella McCubbin

Kaysha Mallinson

Aidan Bell

Elizabeth Heyblom

Dayna Hourigan

Lexi King

Zoe Nickson

Aaron Benc

Amber Cranwell

Tatum Cotterrell

Lauren Miller

Molly Van Berkel

Dane Whelan


Advisory Panel

Gordon Draper

Alistair Edgar

Sharyn Henderson

Miranda Wilson

Marie Miles

Sue Nash

Angela Montgomery

Jim Vivian

Dan Poynton

Support Staff


Alistair Edgar

Sharyn Henderson

Marie Miles

Sue Nash

Robyn Dowse

Strength & Conditioning

Tom Wheeler   


Ola Luczak


Nadine Haider