A successful first session and induction day was recently held for our 2017 Tennis program at the Traralgon Tennis Club. Pictured below are the participating athletes.

The G.S.A welcomes back Matt Hicks for his third year as Head Coach. The G.S.A would like to thank the Victorian State Government, Tennis Victoria, Baw Baw, Bass Coast, South Gippsland, East Gippsland and Latrobe City Councils for their ongoing support.

We would like to acknowledge Federation Training, Win TV and the Gippsland Tennis Clubs who generously provide their facilities for training sessions.

Coaching dates for the program are as follows:

  • Session 1:  5th March –  Traralgon Tennis Club – Induction & Fitness Test
  • Session 2: 4th June – Inverloch Tennis Club – Psychology Session
  • Session 3: 6th August – Trafalgar Tennis Club – Fitness Test
  • Session 4: 26th November – Traralgon Tennis Club – Nutrition & Trials for 2018 program

The G.S.A looks forward to seeing the new athletes grow and develop their skills in this new season.

Support Staff

  • Matt Hicks (Head Coach)
  • Tom Wheeler (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Konsita Kuswara (Nutrition & Hydration)
  • Lirit Janover (Psychology)

Advisory Panel

  • Darrell White (GSA Board Rep)
  • Matt Hicks (Head Coach)
  • Jim Vivian (GSA E.O)
  • Aidan Fitzgerald (Bairnsdale East Gippsland Rep)
  • Sally Kirstine (Latrobe Valley Private Coach)
  • Susie Grumley (Traralgon Central Gippsland Rep)
  • Emily Rea (Tennis Victoria)
  • Nick Hinneberg (Tennis Victoria)

Athletes (2017)

  • Jemma Ashe
  • David Bulbulian
  • Josh Charlton
  • Jack Clements
  • Hugh Dunbar
  • Todd Elliott
  • Zoe Fitzpatrick
  • Benjamin Grumley
  • Damien Hough
  • Alexandra Luders
  • Joshua Lyons
  • James Mercer
  • Luke Nicholson
  • Toby Radford
  • Aaron Valenzuela
  • Alan Valenzuela
  • Ksenija Varesanovic
  • Simon Young

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