Football (Soccer)

2020 Football (Soccer) Program

This year the GSA is supporting the U16 Girls and Boys Gippsland FC squads, to complement athletes existing training, we are offering selected athletes a Sports Science program.  This will include Physical Development through Strength & Conditioning sessions & Personal Development through education sessions in Injury Management, Nutrition and Sports Psychology.

Induction 14th March

Fitness Test – Boys 17th March

S & C Sessions for both U 16 Boys & Girls:

March 24th                                                    6.30 – 7.30pm (Via Zoom)

April 7th                                                        6.30 – 7.30pm (Via Zoom)

Fortnightly S & C sessions will be held with Trent & Sam  (Control High Perfomance) via Zoom

* As of July this program has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid 19



TAFE Gippsland – Yallourn

Gippsland Grammar (Senior Campus) – Sale

  • Athletes will be advised which venue to attend based on residential address


Support Staff

  • Peter Boyes
  • Lee Dastey
  • Anouk Meereboer
  • Sam Fenton (Strength and Conditioning)
  • Emily Orchard (Hex Health – Nutrition)
  • Christopher Shen (Psychology)

Advisory Panel

  • Peter Boyes
  • Lee Dastey
  • Anouk Meereboer
  • Anita Pistrin
  • Shane Paynter

Congratulations to our 2020 Football Athletes

U16 Boys

Anyieth Anyieth
Betera Tanatswa
Bettridge Harrison
Colantuono Julian
Dastey Campbell
Dastey Hamish
Dieng Chienguon
Dunstall Dylan
Eliaser Moni
Hefford Jackson
McQuade Joshua
Mirkovic Alexandar
Stewart Joe
Tosch Harry
Whitmore Billy
Young Campbell


U16 Girls

Stella Bodycomb
Chloe Boulton
Jade Duve’
Charlie Flynn
Ruby Kearsley
Chiara Pistrin
Grace Prior
Lexi Pritchard
Alannah Rogalsky
Maddison Rossi
Madison Senini
Paige Tarling
Violette Thomas
Sabrina Thompson
Sofia Valladares-Crivari