The Rising Star Initiative is designed to assist identified athletes from within the Gippsland Sports Academy to prepare effectively as they look to take their next step in their sporting career.

As of 2015 the GSA will regard this initiative as an underpinning program to The Future Talent Program facilitated by the Victorian Institute of Sport

Once identified, athletes will be provided with $500 in funding through the Gippsland Sports Academy to assist them in their preparation.


Athletes will have been a member of the Gippsland Sports Academy for a minimum of 2 years.

Athletes will have completed all required components of their program during the 2 years.

Athletes must have represented Victoria and/or competed at National Championships – school sports representation is not recognised.

The State Sporting Association will provide endorsement of the nomination.

Services provided must be through the established and endorsed service providers of the Gippsland Sports Academy.

Athletes must be no younger than 14.


Nominations would be based on those nominated for the VIS Future Talent Scholarship in October of each year .Athletes can be re-nominated each year.

Based on VIS results the highest ranked athlete in the process of obtaining a VIS Future Talent Scholarship, as determined by the VIS, will be awarded the Rising Star at the annual Gippsland Sports Academy Awards.