Our Programs

The Gippsland Sports Academy plays an integral role in the development of athletes within the Gippsland region.

Supporting around 110 athletes per year in an array of sports, we are proud of our history and success.

Our motto “An Investment in Excellence” is a concise description and continues to stand true.

We are extremely proud of the athletes who have generously allowed us the opportunity to associate them with our programs in the form of patrons.  Our current patrons are Overall Academy Patron Tim Forsyth (Bronze medalist at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics for High-jump), Swim Program Patron Ashley Delaney, Golf Program Patron Anthony Brown and Volleyball Program Patron Danielle Stott.

The Academy was delighted to appoint its first two ambassadors, Tim Matthews and Don Elgin, at a ceremony in July 2006. Both ambassadors undertook to promote and support the Academy programs and activities.

Tim and Don are both Paralympic athletes who have had remarkable careers. Both began careers in athletics at about the same time, and have continued to excel in Paralympic and World Championships with wins, placings, and records.

Today they continue to be involved in their sport by supporting athletes, disability programs and the Paralympic movement. Following his retirement from Athletics in 2006, Tim now works for the Australian Paralympic Committee managing a successful Talent Identification Program for potential future Paralympians throughout the country. He also coaches a number of Paralympic track and field Athletes.

Don’s focus following his athletics retirement shifted to mentoring and management, forming his own talent management business with a strong emphasis on Paralympians. StarAmp Global was established to assist athletes to have a better understanding of how to capitalise on the opportunities they are presented with, be it speaking about overcoming adversity to the highs of being number one in the world. Both of our ambassadors were born and raised in country Victoria – and in Tim’s case, East Gippsland – and are both passionate about the opportunities that exist for athletes from country regions, but are also acutely aware of the issues relating to regional sport and the challenges that our young people face in sport and career. We are delighted that Tim and Don represent the Gippsland Sports Academy.