2021/22 Swimming Program

Swimming is a program that has experienced a lot of success, with many athletes competing at state and national level competitions. The swimming program owes much of its success to the highly accredited satellite coaches from around Gippsland who are under the guidance of Coach Co-ordinator Brian Ford.  The Swimming Program has been proudly sponsored by the Morwell Bowling Club for many years and continues to also be supported by Gippsland Swimming & Swimming Victoria ensuring the sport and the program are progressing with the best intentions for all involved. The program boasts former Academy athlete and Olympic swimmer, Ashley Delaney as its patron.

This years program will be focused on specialist coaching with sessions run by former Australian Head Coach Leigh Nugent.


Development standards


Performance standards


2022 Training Dates

All sessions 6am – 10.30am (approx)

Saturday 20/11/2021  –  7.00am – 10.45am – GRAC Traralgon

Saturday 29/01/2022  –  7.00am – 10.45am –  Warragul Outdoor Pool

Saturday 02/04/2022  –  7.00am – 10.45am  – GRAC Traralgon


ACE Day – 12th of April 2021

Support Staff

  • Brian Ford (Coach Co-ordinator)
  • Leigh Nugent (Specialist Coach)
  • Dean Gooch (Performance Coach)
  • Paul Myer (Performance Coach)
  • Dylan Muir (Performance Coach)
  • Andrew Goetz (Development Coach)
  • Garry Cole (Development Coach)
  • Biance Poxon (Development Coach)
  • Sam Fenton (Strength & Conditioning)

Advisory Panel

  • Brian Ford (Coaching Co-ordinator)
  • Jackie Madden (Gippsland Swimming)
  • Dean Gooch
  • Anita Pistrin (GSA E.O)


Performance Development
Emily Auteri Sienna Affleck Amelia Millis
Joel Baillie Tayla Bellion Skye Munro
Olivia Baillie Steph Booker Joshua Newstead
Jordyn Cargill Brody Cargill Ruby Newton
Molly Cargill Layla Chapman Grace Ng
Ashleigh Cunico Callum Clarke Paul Ng
Mollie Dennis Darcy Connell David Ng
Zoe Dowler Abby Dennison Issy Oswald
Josh Dwyer Molly Dettbarn Layaleeta Pannu
Caiden Gill Tara Dihood Ruby Paulet
Callum Halloran-Lavelle Makaylen Disisto Ella Poore
Rahni Matheson Makayla Edlington Zane Poxon
Sienna Matheson Oliver Haberl Charlie Price-Wigg
Ash Nicholes Marigold Hay Kane Reynolds
Will Pendergast Olivia Holmes Kody Said
Cooper Quaife Josh Hunt Zac Sherar
Teddy Ripper Chloe Joiner Scarlett Tavasci
Alessandra Southern Lara Landels Madi Vivian
Nicolette Wight Mostyn Lumsden Sam Wells
Jess Whiting