2020 Volleyball Program

The 2020 Volleyball Program commenced in December 2019. The 2020 Volleyball Program is looking to identify & develop emerging talent towards VVI, VIS or AIS high performance programs by providing a high performance culture, primarily focusing on developing the athlete’s potential for State team selection at U15 Level.

The program provides Physical Development (Strength & Conditioning Training, Physical Therapy) & Personal Development, (Time Management & Goal Setting, Nutrition, Media Awareness, A. C. E., Sports Psychology) in addition to Technical Skill Development.


Dates and Locations:

7 Coaching sessions –
2/02/2020 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

9/02/2020 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

15/02/2020 11am – 1:30pm Training (Leongatha)
2:30pm – 5pm Training

16/02/2020 10am – 12:30pm Training (Leongatha)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

1/03/2020 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

14/03/2020 11am – 1:30pm Training (Churchill)
2:30pm – 5pm Training

28/03/2020 9.30am – 1:30pm Training (Churchill) Fitness test to commence at 9.30am
2:30pm – 5pm Training


5 Gym Training sessions – 5:30pm-6:30pm 

  • Feb 4th Yallourn TAFEGippsland /Sale Gippsland Grammar /Leongatha
  • Feb 25th Yallourn TAFEGippsland /Sale Gippsland Grammar /Leongatha
  • Mar 17th Yallourn TAFEGippsland /Sale Gippsland Grammar /Leongatha
  • April 7th Yallourn TAFEGippsland /Sale Gippsland Grammar/Leongatha
  • April 28th Yallourn TAFEGippsland /Sale Gippsland Grammar/Leongatha




Churchill Leisure Centre: Northways Rd & McDonald Way, Churchill VIC 3842

SG Splash Stadium: 52A Roughead Street, Leongatha VIC 3953

S & C Locations:

Sale – Gippsland Grammar  – (in the stadium) Princes Hway Sale

GSA Office – Yallourn TAFE Gippsland, Monash Rd Newborough

Leongatha – Leongatha Primary School (in the gym) 1 Nerrena Rd Leongatha

Support Staff

  • Luke Campbell (Head Coach)
  • Nic Ryan (Assistant Coach)
  • Tom Wheeler (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Lauren Nicholls (Hex Health – Nutrition)
  • Andrew Waterson (Psychology)

Advisory Panel

  • Dan Anderson (Latrobe Valley Rep)
  • Ian Burgess (Latrobe Valley Rep)
  • Nic Ryan (South Gippsland Rep)
  • Craig Wilson (East Gippsland Rep)
  • Howard Williams (GSA Board Rep)
  • Anita Pistrin (GSA EO)


Congratulations to our 2020 Athletes
Sophie Allen
Andrea Axford
Chris Axford
Julia Baker
Lillijanah Baxter
Lachlan Chester
Jay Funnell
Tarra Funnell
Ayla Grbic
Emily Jansen
Jack Johnson
Trista Leighton
Chloe Long
Will Roberts
Ameilia Vandermeer
Erik Webster
Sydney Williamson