2021 Volleyball Program

The 2021 Volleyball Program is looking to identify & develop emerging talent towards VVI, VIS or AIS high performance programs by providing a high performance culture, primarily focusing on developing the athlete’s potential for State team selection.

The program provides Physical Development (Strength & Conditioning Training, Physical Therapy) & Personal Development, (Time Management & Goal Setting, Nutrition, Media Awareness, A. C. E., Sports Psychology) in addition to Technical Skill Development.


Dates and Locations:

7 Coaching sessions –
7/02/2021 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

21/02/2021 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

21/03/2021 10am – 12:30pm Training (Leongatha)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

27/03/2021 11am – 1:30pm Training (Churchill)
2:30pm – 5pm Training

28/03/2021 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

18/04/2021 10am – 12:30pm Training (Churchill)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

24/04/2021 10am – 12:30pm Training (Leongatha)
1:30pm – 4pm Training

 Strength and Conditioning sessions – Commence on Tuesday 16th of Feb 5.30-6.30pm and are ongoing, every 3rd Tuesday of the month dates are as follows 

16th of Feb

16th of March

20th of April

18th of May


Zoom sessions to be held on 1st Thursday of every month commencing 4th of March 5pm – 6pm

March 4th

April 1st

May 6th


ACE Day – 8th April 2021


Churchill Leisure Centre: Northways Rd & McDonald Way, Churchill VIC 3842

SG Splash Stadium: 52A Roughead Street, Leongatha VIC 3953

S & C Locations:

GSA Office – Yallourn TAFE Gippsland, Monash Rd Newborough

Leongatha – Chairo Christian School – 101 Horn St Leongatha (in the Gym)

Support Staff

  • Luke Campbell (Head Coach)
  • Nic Ryan (Assistant Coach)
  • Sam Fenton and Trent Morrow (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Lauren Nicholls (Hex Health – Nutrition)
  • Christopher Shen (Psychology)

Advisory Panel

  • Nic Ryan (South Gippsland Rep)
  • Howard Williams (GSA Board Rep)
  • Anita Pistrin (GSA EO)


Congratulations to our 2021 Athletes
Sophie Allen
Chris Axford
Sienna Carruthers
Anton Combo
Aaron Duckworth
Roly M. Durano
Ayla Grbic
Joshua Gubaton
Paige Hill
Jack Johnson
Callum Olden
Will Roberts
Layla Smart
Scarlett Gerreyn



An Investment In EXCELLENCE