Swimming is a program that has experienced a lot of success, with many athletes competing at state and national level competitions. The swimming program owes much of its success to the highly accredited satellite coaches from around Gippsland who are under the guidance of Coach Co-ordinator Brian Ford.  The Swimming Program has been proudly sponsored by the Morwell Bowling Club for many years and continues to also be supported by Gippsland Swimming & Swimming Victoria ensuring the sport and the program are progressing with the best intentions for all involved. The program boasts former Academy athlete and Olympic swimmer, Ashley Delaney as its patron.

This years program was focused on specialist coaching with sessions run by former Australian Head Coach Leigh Nugent.  The sessions were all conducted at Latrobe Leisure Centre Churchill with all athletes and coaches benefitting from Leigh’s expertise.  Athletes also got to experience a coaching session with Rohan Taylor and another highlight was their last session with the Ivanhoe Neons led by Ashley Delaney.

Session dates for the program are as follows:

  • Session 1:  22nd July – Churchill – Induction and Session
  • Session 2: 9th September – Ford Swim Centre – will include Psychology session
  • Session 3: 2nd December – Sale – will include Nutrition session
  • Session 4: TBA – will include Education session


  • Brian Ford (Coach Co-ordinator)
  • Dean Gooch (Head Coach)
  • Dylan Muir (Coach, GSI Development Squad)
  • Donna Rowand (Coach, GSI Development Squad)
  • Sam Fenton (Strength & Conditioning)

Advisory Panel

  • Brian Ford (Coaching Co-ordinator)
  • Jackie Madden (Gippsland Swimming, GSA Board Rep)
  • Dean Gooch (Head Coach)
  • Donna Rowand (Sale Swim Club Coach)
  • Dylan Muir (South Gippy Bass Swim Club Coach)
  • Jim Vivian (GSA E.O)


  • Neisha Ablett
  • Shauna Anderson
  • Emily Beecroft
  • Aidan Bell
  • Caydence Bezzina
  • Alice Butler
  • Bridget Cain
  • Jordyn Cargill
  • Molly Cargill
  • Melina De Cort
  • Jack Edgar
  • James Gallagher
  • Eliza Jeffs
  • Brendan Malcolm
  • Paige McLennan
  • Jake Mitreski
  • Charlie Noble
  • Keira O’Neill
  • Elayna Pistrin
  • Fabienne Schoutens
  • Alexander Seys
  • Ruby Storm
  • Kiana Wedlock

IMG 2274 - Swimming