2018 Volleyball Program

The 2018 Volleyball Program was completed in April with 19 Athletes graduating from the program. There was a diverse level of skill and experience, and we are confident that a good number of state selections will be seen, with the possibility of 2 national selections.

2019 Volleyball Program

We are currently in the process of planning the 2019 Volleyball Program. The 2019 Volleyball Program is looking to identify & develop emerging talent towards VVI, VIS or AIS high performance programs by providing a high performance culture, primarily focussong on developing the athlete’s potential for State team selection at U15 Level.

The program provides Physical Development (Strength & Conditioning Training, Physical Therapy) & Personal Development, (Time Management & Goal Setting, Nutrition, Media Awareness, A. C. E., Sports Psychology) in addition to Technical Skill Development.

2019 Training Dates

To be confirmed.


Churchill Leisure Centre: Northways Rd & McDonald Way, Churchill VIC 3842

Lavalla Champagnat Centre: Cnr Grubb Ave & Grey Street, Traralgon VIC 3844

Support Staff

  • Luke Campbell (Head Coach)
  • Nic Ryan & Glenn Trembath (Assistant coaches)
  • Tom Wheeler (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Lauren Nicholls (Hex Health – Nutrition)
  • Lirit Janover (Psychology)

Advisory Panel

  • Rebecca Walters (Volleyball Vic Rep)
  • Dan Anderson (Latrobe Valley Rep)
  • Ian Burgess (Latrobe Valley Rep)
  • Tania Ryan (South Gippsland Rep)
  • Craig Wilson (East Gippsland Rep)
  • Howard Williams (GSA Board Rep)
  • Jim Vivian (GSA E.O)


Congratulations to our 2018 Athletes
  • Jasmin Allan
  • Sophie Allen
  • Andrea Axford
  • Chris Axford
  • Rachel Chalmer
  • Sarah Dekkers
  • Mitch Dekkers
  • Jaliilah Duncan Berkelnmans
  • Emily Foster
  • Lilly Francis
  • Troy Hart
  • Natasha Hibma
  • Jade Leighton
  • Darren Marks
  • Keily Nikolajew
  • Bevan O’Doherty
  • Millicent Passalaqua
  • Lucy Spriggs
  • Jasmin Underwood
  • Gabbi Walshe
  • Annika Webster
  • Kalarni White
  • Bridie Williamson
  • Josh Zheng

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